Modafirma x Elvis & Kresse – Douglas John Turner

Modafirma x Elvis & Kresse

Hidden in the depths of the Kentish countryside, a timeless and lovingly refurbished watermill is doing important work. Elvis & Kresse is a luxury fashion label built on reused firehoses, offcut leather and impeccable morals. I helped ethical fashion retailer Modafirma sit down with CEO Kresse Wesling MBE for a brief lesson in saving the world.

Elvis & Kresse, through various partnerships, find long-life materials such as nitrile rubber and leather, and turn them into stunning pieces of art. We helped Modafirma dive into the beginnings of the brand, at a fire station in Croydon, and trace the lineage of a budding new species of designer, ready to find materials that serve the aesthetic, ethical and environmental needs of a changing world.

In an intimate workshop, bags, belts, wallets and even walls are constructed from would-be landfill, packaged in reused cardboard boxes and labelled with upcycled tea-sack. It’s a story-teller’s dream to exist in such a setting. The final product used audio, video and photographical production to help extend the Elvis & Kresse brand story to the world through Modafirma’s platform.