Misha Vaidya x Modafirma – Douglas John Turner

Misha Vaidya x Modafirma

Sometimes it’s hard to find a brand that allows you to shoot the style that you need. Modafirma and Misha Vaidya came into my life unwrapped, and ready to be amongst the plants. Misha Vaidya is a brand that oozes natural character, shape and colour.

I lept at the chance to photograph the model amongst natural shapes and textures, to make a mystery out of the levels of organic spaces we could find and blend them with man-made structures.

Misha Vaidya is a mother-daughter team that creates clothing that allows the wearer to (in their own words) “to be vulnerable and successful, traditional and rebellious, while expressing her individuality with an unfiltered authenticity”.

Moreover, Misha Vaidya pursue an ever-increasing set of sustainable and ethical practice goals, aiming only to leave an impact on the human experience, allowing their product to exist naturally.

With this in hand, projects become full of life and build a character of their own before you even start. Places, people and compositions come to together effortlessly, allowing us to work only as documentarians.

This is the portrait photography I love; the shutter presses itself, and the lines between perfect composure and perfect depiction begin to blur.