About – Douglas John Turner



As a photographer, I would love to have my work viewed as a story. I try to bring cultivated moments back from where I work and display them as a final, cohesive piece. Whether shooting for fashion labels, weddings or just documenting my experiences, my work is an attempt to take a viewer elsewhere and let them play.
This is a collaborative experience, I work with real people and it’s their story I’m telling. I like to work fluidly, and unobtrusively, allowing natural scenes to take shape and events to unfold. The return is a collection of soft, organic images that become cherished items on walls or valuable assets in campaigns.
I’ve been using my camera to take me across the world for seven years. From the wide Australian outback to the highest passes in the Himalayas my camera’s faced down venomous snakes and collapsing buildings with me; we’ve both learnt to work with any situation.